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Frequently Asked Questions

The most significant advantage of doing an implant is not having to prep the adjacent teeth. When doing a bridge the teeth on either side of the space must be turned into "anchor teeth" which necessitates full circumferential shaping and shortening. Also, single implants feel like natural teeth --- you can floss in between them as they individual teeth rather than being "bridged" together. The disadvantage of implants is the surgical procedure itself --- our patients compare it to having a tooth extracted with regards to soreness, swelling, etc. Also implants need to heal for a couple of months before a crown can be put over the top so, from start to finish, the procedure can take a while. There is almost no financial advantage of one versus the other --- give or take a few hundred dollars, a single implant with a crown is the same price as a 3 unit bridge. Implants are one of the fastest growing and most exciting areas of dentistry today. This is an exceptional treatment alternative to a "traditional" bridge and we are very excited to talk about this treatment option with you.
There are 3 methods of whitening your teeth --- 1) over-the-counter products 2) in-office whitening and 3) custom whitening trays. All three methods are based on the same chemicals, essentially, and vary only in concentration and method of application. Over the counter teeth whitening treatments (white strips, whitening toothpastes, etc.) are good and can be fairly effective at brightening smiles. This method is gentle and rather inexpensive, however, not as effective as doctor-prescribed treatments. In-office whitening is fast, concentrated, and very effective at brightening smiles in just an hour or so. Our office likes this method for its efficiency and over-all results. The third option is whitening trays. These are custom-shaped plastic trays into which the patient puts a doctor-prescribed, concentrated, whitening gel. The patient wears the trays for less than an hour every day and results can be seen within a few days. Our office loves this method because it is a bit slower and gentler than the rapid, in-office whitening. Also, patients can gauge their progress and can stop wearing the trays when they feel they have reached their optimum shade.
There are cases where teeth are so broken down (large old filling, large areas of decay) that just doing a "big filling" is not sufficient. Composite, while a great restorative material, cannot compete structurally with what we can do with porcelain or gold. Teeth that are subject to a big biting force (i.e. molars) are most susceptible to cracking and frequently need inlays and crowns. Furthermore, porcelain restorations are more esthetic offering pointy cusp tips, shine, colors, contours, and shapes that are just not possible with plastic.
Absolutely. We love seeing little ones! Our patients appreciate the convenience of bringing the whole gang in for their check-ups... Parents, sisters, brothers all at one office, sometimes all in the same afternoon! We like the continuity of seeing mom and dad's dental history and then looking for similarities in their childrens' mouths --- teeth problems almost always follow family patterns. We do cleanings, sealants, x-rays, fillings, extractions. We offer nitrous sedation for kids who are a bit anxious, movies on our flat-screen monitors, and our staff goes to extremes to make visits as fun as possible. Dr. Mac will refer to a pediatric dentist any child that needs more intense treatments or full sedation. But, for almost all of our little ones, we treat them like family and we treat them right here.
Dental Insurance isn't actually an "insurance" to cover the cost of a loss. It could more accurately be described as a monetary benefit. It is a benefit that is designed only to pay for a portion of your routine dental care. Only very rarely will your benefit actually cover the cost for 100% of your treatment.
We routinely submit insurance claims to hundreds of carriers as a courtesy to our patients. In most cases we will be able to assist you with your insurance claims. We will always do our best to help you maximize your dental benefits. Please keep in mind that the mandate of insurance companies is cost containment, not your oral health. This strategy does not necessarily equate to quality dental care. Because of this, we choose not to be a defined provider for any one specific company. Please call us today to see how we may help.
The great majority of these network plans simply do not offer a fair and equitable fee for our services. Our practice places an emphasis on quality of care, not quantity of care. This quality of care is not valued by many network plans. We strive to be one of Colorado's best dental practices, not one of its biggest practices.
Our goal is to provide our patients with exceptional dental care. This quality of care is an excellent investment in your health and well being. We believe that financial considerations should not be an obstacle to obtaining necessary dental treatment. All payments, deductibles, and copayments are due at the time of your treatment. Payments we accept are cash, check, Visa card, MasterCard, Discover card, and American Express card. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask prior to beginning your treatment.
Our dental office requires a 24 business hour notice to cancel an appointment. Less than the 24 hour notice or missed appointment will result in a $50 charge. Three or more late cancellations or missed appointments will result in dismissal from the practice. We do understand there are times when a 24 hour notice is not possible. Emergency cancellations or missed appointments will be evaluated on an individual basis.

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